Steps On How To Create Ripped Jeans

Some people may call them shabby jeans but there is no denying that ripped jeans are very much in style. They are a huge fashion statement and everyone wants to own a pair of it, especially the teenagers.


Then and Now

These jeans have been popular since 1970 and back then, people wore ripped jeans in order to set themselves apart from the mainstream. However, today things have changed and these are very much in the mainstream themselves. When they were first launched and had taken the world by storm, these jeans were very expensive. Among ripped jeans for women, ripped skinny jeans are very popular. On the other hand, fitting boot cuts are well-liked among ripped jeans for men.

Creating Ripped Jeans

Today, the trend is to create one’s own ripped jeans. Old jeans are being taken out of the closet to rip them creating a very fashionable ‘new’ pair of jeans. Ripping off jeans require certain steps to follow mainly to ensure that you don’t go too far with the ripping. If you are unaware of how it is done, you will end up ruining your jeans. Here are the steps to successfully rip your jeans.

  • A pair of jeans, a large safety pin, file, sandpaper and a pair of scissors is all that you need. Make sure you have them all with you.
  • Wash your jeans first. This step is important especially if you are planning on ripping a new pair of jeans because the jeans should be worn out at least a tad. Wash your new pair of jeans thrice at least.
  • Wear your jeans and mark the places where you want to rip them. Remember that the jeans can’t be ripped anywhere you want to. They have to be ripped only on place where there will be pressure when you wear them such as the knees, buttocks, pockets and the hips.
  • Take your jeans off and cut a small slit on the area you want and use the scissors to make the tiny cut.

  • Now use the nail file or the sandpaper to rub down the area that you just cut. You must make sure you choose the coarsest sandpaper or the hardest nail file that you can lay your hands on. Scrub over the area you want to rip.
  • Use the pin now to make the rip or tear. Scrub again so that the edges of the rip are rough.
  • Wash the jeans twice after ripping and before wearing.

Making your own ripped jeans can be a lot of fun but if you don’t fancy doing so, you can always go to local or online stores and buy good quality jeans such as Miss Me jeans. Be thrift but still look chic by creating your own ripped jeans.